Tracks in progress

2014-03-17 06:54:33 by 9thousand9

In the process of a couple of tracks. Is it just me or when you are working on one track then get an idea for a new one you save what you have and start a new track with the new idea? That was a mouthfull but that seems to happen to me all the time. So I have two tracks in the beginning phases now. 

I posted a preview of one just because I was excited after weeks of ideas, something I created finally sounded good to me. Maybe I am too harsh on myself. Either way I am happy with how it is coming along, with both tracks actually. I can't wait until they are finished so I can release them! 

Messed around in photoshop for a couple hours designing my logo for shits and giggles the other day. I have a rough idea for what I want so that will also be released once the songs are done for my digital EP. 

Been a while.

2014-01-20 11:37:03 by 9thousand9

It's been a long time since I have logged on here. A lot has changed in my life that is for sure. Musically I am no longer in a band but doing my own metal solo project. Aside from that project, my main focus right now is my hardstyle project.

There is just something about sitting in front of a computer creating electronic music that makes me smile. Once I have a few worthy songs completed I will definitely be submitting them here to see what everyone thinks. 

Working hard

2011-10-23 11:16:58 by 9thousand9

Working hard with my band lately. We are going to record an EP soon and we have our first local show coming up. The one thing that has been hard is trying to find a vocalist. The ones we have in mind always have things going on so we have to find time. We practice about 4 days a week.

Our second guitarist broke his hand so he is going to be out for a little while which sucks but shit happens. Our EP is going to consist of 4 songs. I am currently writing a new song and have more ideas in hopes of getting some new material out there after this EP is made. So far I have been recording everything in my dorm room, except drums of course. I usually write the drums out in Guitar Pro 5, export that file as a MIDI file, then import it into Cubase 5 and use EZDrummer Metalheadz for the drum samples. All the guitars I record direct in and use Guitar Rig 4 for the amp modeling. I have access to the college studio since I am an audio production major and that is where we will record our EP. So the drums will be real which is exciting.

If you would like to check out my band, you can do so at sideband

Also, we changed our name. What Lies Inside was the old band name but we had to get a new drummer so that band broke up, but since I wrote the music we are using the same songs.


2010-12-01 09:25:45 by 9thousand9

Starting the writing process again. Very excited to spend hours on end creating music and see how much of it I delete. I love it.

New Song

2010-12-01 03:17:17 by 9thousand9

Finally finished my new song. Took a while but it should be up soon. Can't wait to start on a new project now!