Entry #5

Tracks in progress

2014-03-17 06:54:33 by 9thousand9

In the process of a couple of tracks. Is it just me or when you are working on one track then get an idea for a new one you save what you have and start a new track with the new idea? That was a mouthfull but that seems to happen to me all the time. So I have two tracks in the beginning phases now. 

I posted a preview of one just because I was excited after weeks of ideas, something I created finally sounded good to me. Maybe I am too harsh on myself. Either way I am happy with how it is coming along, with both tracks actually. I can't wait until they are finished so I can release them! 

Messed around in photoshop for a couple hours designing my logo for shits and giggles the other day. I have a rough idea for what I want so that will also be released once the songs are done for my digital EP. 


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2014-03-17 07:00:59

2 of them?

9thousand9 responds:

lol yes that's right. I have a sparatic workflow.


2014-03-17 09:15:24

I get ideas for games and while thinking about these ideas i think for ideas for another game, so i guess it's pretty much the same as you.
Also if you like making music go for it folks love music !

9thousand9 responds:

Music is amazing! I enjoy when I can make a track that other people can get into. Makes me happy.